Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mornings still suck..

So I was going to post about how I've actually run pretty well the last couple of days and recovered a fair bit of bankroll.

Then I logged in for a quick half an hour of 1/2EUR and ran like a dog turd on valium. I don't think I won a single pot, and I somehow managed to dump 25BB in the space of about 40 hands. Every time I had a raising hand I was three bet and flopped the anti-nuts. Friggin marvellous.

On the upside, I ran pretty good for the previous couple of days. I have been playing mainly on Eurolinx where I cashed a $100 rake race prize and managed to double it pretty quickly, and on NoIQ which has just moved from iPoker to Entraction (where I am back to even par after starting with a good run). Both of these sites are running good rake races via RakeTheRake at the moment (see sidebar link). Eurolinx has a $10k race from 12th to 31st Jan, paying 40 places. From prior experience it should be very easy to pick up $100 in this race, and possibly up to $250 if I manage to get a bit of volume in. NoIQ has a massive $70,000 race running from 5th Jan to 28th Feb, paying a huge 120 places (minimum $200 prize). I have only played a couple of days on NoIQ and yet I am already sitting in a $400 position in the race. When added to 30% rakeback and a decent signup bonus, this looks potentially very very lucractive.

The one problem with NoIQ at the moment is that it isn't supported by Holdem Manager. It is supposed to be supported by PokerOffice, but I haven't had any luck with it so far. It is supported by PT2 but not by PT3.

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The blindman said...

I followed the first morning cooler with another, before finally recovering in the evening. It turned a $200 downer into only $50, which is probably compensated for by rakeback and race points.