Tuesday, January 27, 2009

... and then run like shite just for a change

I've gone busto on NoIQ... AGAIN!

A combination of river suckouts, staying too long at bad tables and *tilt*

Grrrr. I'm going to need a humungous hit in the races to compensate for this rubbish.

I've dropped $300 in three days, which hurts quite a lot.


TiocfaidhArLa said...

If its any consolation, I'm almost busto too. Those Europeans cam play. Particularly as I am playing PLO in Euros. I was playing well above my level.

Thankfully, I got 2nd in a PLO tourney and my bankroll is hanging in there. Problem is it is so small that accumulating VIP pts at the stakes I'm rolled for is nigh impossible.

I went back to Stars last night and had a good session which restored confidence. Truth is, the standard there is just so low. Good luck.

PS Where are you in race at the minute, I've droppped down to 570th.

parttimebonuschaser said...

bad luck mate. You can't control the first issue, but definitely can control the second and third.

I stayed at a table because I was down a few BBs which had turned bad when the fish to my right quit. During the first extra orbit I started kicking myself for staying before remembering the discipline to quit.

Its really shitty to bust out on a particular site, but obviously you know that effective rakeback is huge if you only need to get a few more points/rake by redepositing.

The blindman said...

It's a shocker. I'll get some rakeback on Friday, but will probably also deposit again. The two races plus bonus plus rakeback are just way too lucrative to give up on. If I can keep up the pace without going bust again, I should make $600-$700 on the races plus a bonus of up to 100EUR.