Monday, February 9, 2009

January Summary

Hi All,

I have been offline for a few days due to moving into a new house - our first "owned" house as it happens. I was impressed to be online with a 14Mbit ADSL connection within two days of moving in, so props to iiNet.

There's not a lot to report about January. It was another bad month. I sStarted at $2056, and finished at $1910, for a net loss of ($146). This included $100 from a Eurolinx/RTR race, and about $225 in rakeback - meaning poker was played at a considerable loss once again.

The bottom line at the end of February should not be as bad as that however, as I am due to cash $300 in the NoiQ race which finishes in a few days, and a further $300-$400 at the end of the month for the RTR exclusive NoiQ race, plus another $100 at Eurolinx. Hopefully these races will restore a bit of sorely needed decency to the bankroll.

The big positive to come out of January was that I am feeling increasingly confident about my shorthanded no-limit play. I booked a number of wins, and finished up a few buyins in NL play (albeit at tiny stakes for now).

For February, I aim to firstly maintain my race positions. I don't aim to shoot for higher positions, since they require a considerably higher level of play proportionally to the return. I am continuing to play a fair bit of limit holdem, especially where I am racing - it makes sense to play the higher rake games when you are getting >100% effective rakeback. Otherwise, I am planning to ramp down the limit and play more no limit. I also want to keep up with the training videos from Stoxpoker, which I feel have helped my NL play enormously. I also want to play that live game that I have been putting off for months.

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