Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Still running good

I've had two more winning sessions, taking my streak to five. My "tables" winning streak was broken at 11, however, when I lost a 50EUR stack with QQ vs KK AIPF (it wasn't a full stack, as I had lost a few small pots before that). Fortunately I made up for that by running 20EUR up to about 90 on another table.

Overall, the no-limit experiment is going very well. In 4000 hands of 0.10/0.20 (mostly Euro), I am running at 30bb per 100 hands. This is obviously very good, and probably unsustainable. I am now moving towards playing full stacks on 50 Euro tables, and we will see if the run can continue at the higher level.

What I am observing suggests that bad players are frequently getting stacks in with very weak hands such as pocket pairs with an overcard on the flop, or mediocre draws. The EV advantage when players play that way is huge at NL, while at limit these plays are often at least close to correct.

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