Saturday, February 21, 2009

NL Session review

Here is an interesting session I played last night. Again, I ran good, but in fact I chose this table to share before I spiked the quads to double up.

I am particularly interested in views on my line with AQhh unimproved where I bluffed away $10 (in fact it was Euro) before giving up on the river. In the hand with 55 on the button, I think the 3 bet was an error of inattention (failing to notice the raise ahead). It worked out ok though when I hit my set and stacked off. There is also a missed Cbet with 43cc due to multitabling.

Tips for reviewing the hands: click the "skip hands with no flop" option and increase speed to the highest setting, then make judicious use of the "next" button.

The thing I noticed most of all playing these micro levels today, is that it is pretty rare to be threebet preflop, and that is is unusual for players to checkraise your Cbets. These two factors make it very easy to raise in position and Cbet liberally. Even when you get called, you retain total control over pot size, which allows you to see showdowns with modest hands like top pair weak kicker and play for stacks with big hands.

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