Saturday, February 21, 2009

No, no limit, gonna reach for the sky..

No valley too deep, no mountain too hi-igh..

I have finally arrested my slump with a very nice short session over lunch today. I played two 50EUR table with 20EUR buyin, and two 20EUR tables with a full buyin. It was good session, with cards coming my way both preflop and post. I ended up with a solid profit on all tables, although my confidence took a dent when I had worked 20 EUR up to about 60 on a 0.25/0.50 table only to lose the lot all-in on the turn to a rivered 2 high flush. But I rebought, and still managed a solid profit at the table.

Overall, I probably won about eight 20EUR buyins across the tables in a pretty short period. I felt like I played it pretty well, but I was certainly helped by some insanely bad plays by my opponents. The guy losing his stack by calling big bets with middle pair was a particular highlight (although I also like the hand where I doubled up with a pair of 3s).

Check the stox link below to review some of the hands:

There is one big factor which makes NL somewhat more attractive than limit, and that is that the fish lose their money faster. The calling station type play is simply not as damaging in limit. In no-limit: it's murder.


The blindman said...

I picked up another 3 buyins in the evening over three tables, again without losing on a table. I will post the entire session from one of the tables tomorrow. I'd be interested to hear anyone's view of my play.

TiocfaidhArLa said...

I'm pleased that your analytical approach is validating conventional wisdom from the books. Given the number of hands required to prove the concepts, collectively we benefit from the wisdom of crowds.

You mention getting away with calling in Limit, I've found of late with live play where you get longer to consider and review your plays and those of others both mid- and post-hand that calling is more often the correct play than at first is obvious. NL results certainly benefit more from aggression . I hope the results keep going your way.

The blindman said...

Yes, that's sort of what I mean. Calling station plays, if not necessarily correct, are at least not as incorrect in shorthanded limit (sf stacking off with middle pair).