Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Broken streak, but still pretty happy

I had a modest losing NL session last night for about 20EUR on two fullstack 50EUR tables, but I'm still pretty happy. I was well ahead until the second last hand, where I picked up 66. One shortish stack called my raise, and the flop came 345r. I bet in position, and the other guy mincheckraised. I called, thinking he probably has an overpair. Turn came 5, which is not a great card and he bets about 1/3 of the pot. I call for my straight outs. River is a 7 for the straight, and I call his smallish shove and he shows 44 for the turned boat. I don't think I could have gotten away from this hand given his small bets and short stack.

The other iffy hand was the first one, where I held KQhh on the button. I raise and someone reraises and we end up with four players going to the flop. Flop was J84 rainbow, and the preflop raiser bets 10 into a 40 pot. I chose to fold, concerned that my overcard outs are probably tainted. Shoving is probably not out of the question here, but I'm quite worried about overpairs. Anyway the queen showed up on the turn, and the preflop raiser ended up winning a 60EUR pot with his 99 unimproved against a pair of 8s.

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TiocfaidhArLa said...

There are always other ways to play a hand. In these two cases, they are virtually all -EV compared to the line you've taken. Nice run.