Sunday, March 1, 2009

February summary

Well I spent a long time in the dog house, but I'm finally back in the black. Having started the month on $1911, and sinking as low as $1650 during the month, I finished on approximately $2893. This is up from my previous high of $2710, and means my first dividend since November.

The result is due in very large part to the NoiQ rake races. I scored $300 from the Jan-Feb main race, and $400 from the RTR exclusive race. I also made $100 on the monthly race at Eurolinx, and $150 in rakeback ($100 from NoiQ and $50 from Euro).

Pokerwise, I made a princely profit of about $30. But I am actually really pleased with how the poker is going, especially considering that the month started on a continuation of a massive cooler. I am still in a transition phase to NL, and am running incredibly well at the 20EUR NL tables, up over 30bb/100. I *was* running well at 50EUR NL until a nasty session a couple of days ago where I lost three buyins to a mix of bad play and bad beat.

I probably won't play as much in March. I overdid it in Feb a little, due to the races and need to slow down. The NoiQ races are much tougher now, and I think the best I can hope for is a small score in the RTR exculsive race (maybe $50-$100). I'll aim to repeat the $100 win on Eurolinx, as that is pretty easy. I also aim to continue playing predominantly NL - $50 6max tables for preference, or else a mix of 20 and 50 Euro.

I may look for a new kickback this month, and might also attempt to sort out RTR VIP on Littlewoods (which I have tried and failed a few times). I still havent played that live session, but will try again this month - though perhaps it will be 200NL (2/3 blinds) rather than 10/20 limit.


parttimebonuschaser said...

not bad mate, not bad at all.

any recovery from a big downswing I count as a huge win. it means you're not losing focus/tilting etc

Jackie Corelli said...
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