Sunday, March 22, 2009


This game gives me the shits sometimes.

I had a massive, massive cooler over the weekend. Lost about 12 buyins altogether over only a few hours of play. I probably wasn't playing my best, hit cooler after cooler, and possible ended up a little bit on tilt by the end of the session.

Example horrors were my flopped set and turned boat killed by quads, and AQ flopped ace, turned trips killed by a boat. I might collate a litany of the session and post it up a bit later.

The bottom line is that all my good work in no-limit play has been destroyed in a single session.

I think I'm going to play a live PLO rebuy on Tuesday to blow off some steam.

Side note: Full ring on iPoker is the most ridiculously nitty game I have ever seen. One table after 50 or so hands: (VPIP/PFR) 0/0 0/0 5/5 15/5 8/5 0/0 0/0 42/30 (hmm, that last one would be me raising ATC from MP on). Note that this was just one table for a short while, and not the reason I got stacked time after time.

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