Saturday, March 14, 2009

It had to happen...

Inevitable that the good run had to end. I've just been stacked three times in the space of about 50 hands.

Hand 1: In general I am happy to get stacks in with AK PF against when playing 100bb deep, but I'd be interested in views. Sometimes I will call and evaluate, which usually means folding to pressure on the turn.

Hand 2 was against a compulsive limper. It's the sort of flop where I want to get the chips all in, with heaps of outs against most hands I am trailing (but not so many against AA).

Hand 3 is bad, I think. Maybe the button call is ok PF, but I think once he min 3bets the turn I should know that he has a bigger flush. Maybe the straight flush draw clouded my thinking here.


TiocfaidhArLa said...

I'd agree with you across the board.

AK is a drawing hand and even when it makes TPTK on the flop is vulnerable deep. I'd always reevaluate.

PLO teaches you not to play baby flushes, only Ax and Kx. I think the clouds were rolling in on the Turn.

The blindman said...

The fact that AK is a drawing hand means that I actually prefer to go all-in preflop rather than pay a lot to see a flop and then fold if I miss. There is too much value lost there from the hands that pair up on the turn or river.

This post:

suggests that my call of the all-in was correct against a QQ+ range. But perhaps I should just call the 3bet and evaluate the flop. At least in that case I have position to use to my advantage. I this case, the Q on the flop makes me a big underdog.

Small flushes are obv much more vulnerable in PLO, but here the minreraise could really only have been a bigger flush or a complete moron with a set.