Friday, March 13, 2009

Double up!

I've just had a look at my records, and made a startling discovery. The low point of my downswing was $1650 on February 16th. Last night I broke through $3300 for the first time. So I have doubled my entire bankroll in less than a month.
Obviously the NoiQ rake races were a pretty big part of that recovery, but I am also running very well since my transition to playing 6max No Limit Holdem.

Perhaps it is just that I am running well, but I have to say that No Limit feels a lot less precarious than limit. Even in the sessions where I have been stacked, I am usually compensated by winning a number of small pots or stacking some muppet who calls down my set on three streets with middle pair.

Last night was a case in point, where I think I was stacked four times (my set two outed on the river, overpair JJ beaten by overpair KK, stuff like that). Despite what I thought was a pretty bad run of luck I still managed to come out of the session slightly ahead, and a rakeback kick put me through that $3300 barrier.

So far I have played mainly 20NL (Euro) and 50NL ($ and Euro). I will start taking shots at 100NL with a full stack quite soon. Then we will see whether this is all just good fortune or whether NL really is the game for me.


TiocfaidhArLa said...

Now that you've mastered NL 6-max, you really should try PLO. If I can win, you can clean up.

The blindman said...

I've dabbled in PLO10 and 20 on NoiQ, and found those games to be very soft. I'm pretty sure I could make a good fist of Omaha at the 50 or 100 level, but at this stage I have a much less clear idea of the best way to play Omaha compared to NLHE.

havin_a_laff said...

bluddy hell. I'm jealous.