Sunday, February 22, 2009

RakeTheRake and NoiQ: two thumbs up

I have been playing at the new Entraction NoiQ site for 45 days. In that time, I have raked approximately $685. In return, I have earned $205 in rakeback, won $300 in the Jan-Feb rake race, completed a 120 Euro (about $155) first deposit bonus (just short of the 140 maximum), and am on target to take $400 in the RakeTheRake exclusive freeroll for a total of around $1060 in bonuses.

That is absolutely amazing value. I really hope the transition to Entraction is successful, as they have really invested in the players to achieve it. It's just a shame that I donked off most of the bonus in the process :-/

In other news, I played a couple of freerolls this morning (one of which was on NoiQ via RTR). I bombed out of both, and also failed to place in a couple of sit 'n gos. On the upside though, my NL cash game streak continued to three sessions and about eight tables (with no loss on any table). I played two 50EUR tables with a full stack, doubling on one and winning about 10 on the other. On the double up table, I didn't stack anyone but just built up a stack slowly by playing aggressively on the button and picking up small pots. On one hand, I called a raise on the button with some junk like J9s and whiffed the eight high flop. When the flop checked around and the turn paired the board and checked around to me, I simply bet 5 into a 7 pot and picked it up. Poker really shouldn't be that easy.


parttimebonuschaser said...

It is that easy on your good days. On your bad ones though ...

The blindman said...

Yeah, I know. I'm just indulging in the fantasy that this NL game is a cinch and I'll soon be playing with the high rollers.