Thursday, April 30, 2009

April summary

Looking back, I don't think I ever posted a summary for March. Maybe that's because I finished March down $300 after my PLO disaster and a couple of bad sessions.

Anyways, I started this month with a bankroll of $2495. I finished with a bankroll of $5133. That's an incredible 106% return. The net profit of $2638 was made up of $310 in rakeback, $250 in rake races, a $150 reload bonus on Euro, and about $120 of the RedStar signup bonus, and then about $1808 in poker profit (including $700 in tournament profit from Wednesday's second place).

Just reading that last paragraph, I can hardly believe it - especially with the relatively tough run I have had over recent months.

I actually went back to fixed limit for most of this month. Initially this was because the fishiness level on Eurolinx was very high, especially at the EUR3/6 level. My first sampling of the Cake (RedStar) waters was also very profitable on the limit tables. I wish I had tracker stats on RedStar, because I'd really like to know how hot I am running (apart from *very*) and how bad the fish are (some of them, also *very*).

The rake races on Eurolinx and RedStar were also great value this month, although RedStar got suddenly tougher in the last week when RTR emailed everyone to point out that there were 21 unclaimed prizes. I could have made it up to a $150 prize on Euro (rather than the $100 I ended up with), but I was tired after the tournament and needed a break so didn't play the last day.

One extra bonus showed up on Wednesday - I bought the Harrington tournament books as a set using my Eurolinx points. So that's an extra $100 or so of value right there.

For May, I plan to play a couple of live WSOP super sats and hopefully a bit of cash too. I will continue with the EL and RS races, and try to play some more no-limit. I will also aim to play a few more tournaments - maybe one or two a week, and maybe at slightly higher buyins.

Finally, here are a couple of hands from the tournament. I tried this overpot value bet on the river a couple of times and got paid off well by weak hands (gotta love the hero call with ace high).

Landmark of the month: I have now won more money playing poker in the last year than I lost on the stock market :)


parttimebonuschaser said...

man i wish i could hit that landmark. i'm about 50 years away at this rate

phluKKe said...

Supreme . you are now #1 on my personal list of aspirational figures . I will have to recheck your blog but if i remember when i started reading a year ago (?) you were in a bit of a funk . you must be $4.5k+ profit since . what kick started the ol' motivation ?
regards ....adam

The blindman said...

:-) Thanks, Adam.

I've had a very up-and-down ride from the very beginning.

I am quite envious of bonuschaser's consistency. My graph (although now showing a very good profit) has some really serious bumps and bends in it.

One turning point was the switch to NL (after watching a series of Stox videos), where I found myself immediately making consistent profits at 20NL and 50NL.

The other, I suppose was going back to fixed limit last month and discovering that I can still make strong profits at 2/4 and 3/6 (and 3/6 Euro, which is closer to $5/10).

Inevitably, the best way to turn around your motivation is to start winning. And that is often in the lap of the Gods.

havin_a_laff said...

WP and GL for May. could this be a tipping point?

The blindman said...

We can but hope :)

Realistically, it has been a heater of a month. But it puts my bankroll in a position where I can afford to gamble on some higher buyin MTTs and continue to take shots at the casino at 200NL or 10/20FL.

TiocfaidhArLa said...

Fantastic month, mate. Not surprising given the pedigree. BTW, Do you track your offline results and how is that BR going? My prediction is that it wil take off massively compared to the online because the games are way softer - if you have the patience, which you do.

GL in May and let me know which Super Satellites you're planning, I'll try to join in too depending on time difference.

The blindman said...

The total bankroll figure includes all my offline results (inc tournaments).

My net offline results are negative, but that's mainly because I'm often playing satellites where the chances to both qualifying for the final and then cashing in that are pretty slim. There was also that PLO rebuy tournament where I rebought twice and did not win a single hand (not even a blind steal).

Live cash is about break even, but from only four sessions (two 2/3 and two 10/20FL).

Overall, I am very happy with my offline results, including qualifying twice from sats, and I'm pretty sure I will be profitable in the cash games in the long run.