Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Big tournament cash!!

I foolishly started a couple of $11 R&A tournaments last night at 10:30pm after getting home from some indoor climbing.

Four hours later (or was it five?) I took down 2nd place on Eurolinx for a very nice $750. In the similar tournament on RedStar (Cake), I busted out with TT when my top set was cracked by a rivered straight.

I have a theory that there is an awful lot of dead money in these R&A tournaments from players who rebuy very late in the rebuy period (like the third level). At that point, a rebuy buys so few blinds that you are forced to shove preflop pretty well straight away. The Cake R&A has extra value, since it takes late registrations until the end of rebuys. I think at least half of the players are usually late starters.

I will probably post some hands tonight or tomorrow. After watching Tom Dwan play in the Aussie Millions cash game, I was inspired to try a couple of overbet (1.5-2 times pot) river value bets. The results were great, with calls coming from hands (including an ace high call) that I'm pretty sure wouldn't have called a "normal" value bet.


phluKKe said...

sweet score and your bankroll is flying. i think you will soon be up with BGC . wp . L4

parttimebonuschaser said...

great work mate, well done.

dunno if i could ever start a tourney at 10.30 though! i'm normally in bed by then

The blindman said...

Yeah, I totally forgot how long these things take when you go deep. I thought I might be done in 2.5-3. I was wrong, but in a good way :D