Tuesday, April 14, 2009

LOL limitaments

I went down to the Casino for a $125 WSOP super satellite. I played ok, doubled up early and then crippled myself with a hand that I played very poorly. I picked up AKcc with the blinds at 50/100, and sitting on a stack of around 5800. With two limpers, I raised to 600 - called in one position. Flop came down KT9 with two hearts. I bet 700, call. Turn was an offsuit Q. Check to me, I bet 1500, villain checkraises all-in for 2200 more. I make some lame excuse about the pot having got too large and call. He has JJ.

A little bit of context: this guy was a fish. He was limp-calling about 60% of his hands. He doubled up a few hands earlier when he hit top set with his AA. His hands were shaking so much when he called the all-in. In this hand his hands didn't seem to be shaking, but I did notice him hiding his hands under the table while I was contemplating the all-in call.

Three pretty big mistakes in this hand. First, I should have raised more on the flop - maybe pot or more. At 700, I am pricing in the flush draw if not the gutshot that the villain actually held. Secondly, I should have checked behind on the turn. Even considering the bad player, there are very few hands I can beat here except maybe AT. Finally it was brutally obvious that the guy had me beat when he shoved. I should have just folded and saved my playable 3000 stack.

After busting out a mere 45 minutes into the tourney, I signed up to play limit. After waiting quite a while, I finally got a seat (nearly lost the seat because you can't hear your name being called in the stupid poker room). I had a horrendous run for the first hour or so. Flopped flush draw didn't get there. Flopped double belly didn't get there. Flopped pair and gutshot didn't catch up. I was down to $105 from my initial $300 when this little miracle happened:

I pick up A6cc in the big blind. I remember specifically thinking "please let me just flop the nuts for a change". Three players to my left limp (lol limitaments), the small blind completes, and I briefly contemplate raising for flush equity, but check. Flop is 865ccc - Hallelujah, I've hit the jackpot. I bet out, and get called in three places. Turn is some random overcard. I bet, player to my left raises, a fold and a call, and I obviously threebet in rhythm. At this point, they know what I have but can't fold. They both call me down on the river. One player says he had pocket eights, the other shows his ten high flush, and the player who folded said he had pocket fives. I rake in a pot over $300 and am back to slightly better than even for the session.

One particularly special hand was when I flopped TPTK with my AT against four runners, turned trips and checked a scary river (making a four straight on board) for the other guy to turn over an unimproved pair of deuces (reminder: five players saw the flop).

I went up a bit and down a bit from there, and finished up very happy to be only $10 down for the session when the table finally broke around 10:30pm.

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