Friday, April 17, 2009

Going fishing

Has anyone else noticed that sometimes there seem to be *more* fish at high stakes rather than fewer?

While dipping my toes back in the limit waters over the last couple of weeks, I have definitely found more fish at the 2/4 and 3/6 (Euro) tables compared to 1/2 (and 3/6 has usually been worse than 2/4). In the evenings I am finding a very consistent supply of fish in the 80/5, to 50/20 range. Some hyper aggressive postflop (60% bet percentage), some ultra-passive (15% bet percentage), but all pretty bad. I wonder if this is indicative that some players who are just there to gamble will simply play the highest stakes available - which is usually the 3/6 game.

The results have been very good, or at least I have managed to run reasonably well. The last few nights I have managed to rack up a few decent 10-30BB wins, which at 3/6 Euro is very nice indeed. This has dug me out of another hole which owed to my PLO disaster and a brief NL cooler. Meanwhile I am also racking up rakeback like gangbusters and shaping up well for a $100-$150 finish in the rake race.

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parttimebonuschaser said...

Those 80/5 guys are brilliant when you can find them. Add in a 40%+ WTSD and they are perfect.

You're probably right in that at times some of the higher tables have the bigger fish.

The guys who deposit once and basically play till they run that out or until the next pay check probably play at the higher levels to get that kick out of gambling it up.

Generally I look out for these guys all the time up to about $4/8. Although I've run stone cold against some of them at $4/8 recently which kinda sux.

The lower limits though I find have the more permanent fish - the bad players who play hundreds (if not thousands) of hands before busting out, whereas at higher limits they tend to bust out pretty quick.

good luck mate