Thursday, May 21, 2009

Having a whale of a time at 5/10

I noticed a EUR5/10 table running on Eurolinx, and watched a few rounds.

This caught my attention:

Yes, that's right folks, he checks AA in the BB in a multi-way limped pot, then check-calls two streets, and THEN raises when the board has paired. Awesome. The best part is that his stats are like 96/60, and he clearly only checks the nuts here.

Needless to say, I jumped on that list. Unfortunately, I had to wait ages before a spot came up. When it did, it started poorly but eventually turned around:


I'm back on the table. The uberfish left and came back. He's now on my left, with a 62/10 on his left, and a 70/17 on my right. The 47/21 on his right is a nit by comparison. One proper TAG opposite, and we have a 58/25 table. Wow.


Finished the session with QQ vs AK on a AQx flop. That was nice. 45BB on a 5/10 table is quite a lot :-D

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