Friday, May 15, 2009

More tournaments and a cracker of a bad beat..

I played a few more tourneys last night. Bubbled in a PokerStars 180 player $10 SNG.

In a $10 R&A on Eurolinx, I was doing pretty nicely in the mid stages (about double average) until this happened:

Holding pocket fives, I flopped a set on a nine high flop (raised pre with one caller). Villain calls my modest flop and turn bets, and then donks all-in on the river which paired the nine. I go to snap call, and.....

Misclick the fold button.

Gnargh. Argle. Faark.

The third tournament was a $5 R&A ($3k guarantee) on cake. I did pretty well and was in or around the chiplead going into the final table. Four handed I was one of two huge stacks (the player on my right was chipleader). And then this:

Hand#18664F7D06001993 - Tournament Table 22 T5209350 -- Table 25 -- $1,200/$6,000/$12,000 NL Hold'em -- 2009/05/16 - 00:40:12
Seat 4: Filo*** ($257,616 in chips)
Seat 6: sava*** ($486,600 in chips)
Seat 7: Hero ($442,108 in chips) DEALER
Seat 10: sill*** ($162,176 in chips)
Filossoff posts ante of 1,200
savat24 posts ante of 1,200
Hero posts ante of 1,200
sillynagger posts ante of 1,200
Filo***: posts small blind 6,000
sava***: posts big blind 12,000
Dealt to Hero [8s,8c]
Hero: raises to 32,000
sill***: folds
Filo***: folds
sava***: calls 20,000
*** FLOP *** [6c,Qd,8d]
sava***: bets 37,400
Hero: calls 37,400
*** TURN *** [2d]
sava***: bets 74,800
Hero: raises to 200,600
sava***: calls 125,800
*** RIVER *** [ 3d ]
sava***: bets 12,000
Hero: calls 12,000
sava***: shows [7d 6s] (Flush, Queen high)
Hero: mucks
sava***: wins 574,800 with Flush, Queen high
Hero: mucks [ 8s, 8c ] (ThreeOfAKind)

OMFG you've got to be kidding me. 76o on the flop, bottom pair on the flop, bottom pair plus awful FD on the turn. After that I busted out in 4th for $300. But it could have been 1st for $850. Would have been huge chipleader if my set had held up.

I probably should have raised a bit more on the turn but really...

As an aside, cash games are also going reasonably well right now. I have had some more successful tilts at 5/10, and 2/4 and 3/6 are also going pretty well.


The blindman said...

Some morning shot taking awesomeness:

Just sat at a fishy looking 6/12 table on Cake. Caught a rough run for the first few rounds to be rapidly down nearly $200. But I rebought, hung in there, and the fishies came through to turn around the loss and rack up a $200 profit all inside about 20 minutes!

TiocfaidhArLa said...

In your tourney, it may have been worth raising the flop. You'd be ahead of the range of hands that might re-raise shove or safely add almost 100K to your stack.