Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shot taking FAIL

An error of judgment, or just a cooler?

I found a fish I knew from 5/10 kicking around at higher stakes. He was sitting three handed on a 25/50 table, which was way out of my bankroll. But a little later I saw him playing 10/20 heads up. After a string of bad beats, he busted the other guy, and I decided to sit down.

This was a big call. It's the highest stakes I have played, and obviously playing heads up means a lot more action. I put 400 Euro on the table, which is a lot of money for me. I was feeling confident though, since I have been on a big heater for weeks if not months, and won a fair chunk playing 2/4 and 3/6 earlier in the night.

The bottom line is that 20 big bets lasted me a grand total of 53 hands. The first hand told the story really, with my KK getting killed by a 5 high runner-runner flush.

I actually didn't take the loss too badly. I think I have succeeded in psychologically separating my poker money from my "real" money. 400 Euro is over 700 Aussie dollars, and I would probably be apoplectic if I lost that much by smashing up the car or something like that.

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The blindman said...

Boy, the bankroll has been on a bender. $500 down and $1000 up just today. The "up" came when I found a fishy 6 max 10/20 table only for johnoda (villain from this post) to sit down two to my right and pay be off in a big way (after rivering a flush on me first of course).