Monday, August 25, 2008

Finished Gnuf bonus

I had a pretty horrific run to finish the Gnuf bonus. Ended up $50 down on the play (and I still can't blame Omaha), but that is still $70 net profit! It's definitely the sign of a good bonus that you come out ahead even when the cards (or your play) are running bad. I'll probably use my PSO points to finally register for PokerTracker.

Had more glitches with the Microgaming software. I made a deposit that took about 15 minutes to be able to play - I could see it "My account" but was not able to actually put it on the table despite restarting the software. There was also a problem yesterday with the hand histories - I think it was a network problem, but no histories were recorded (either in PT or in the in-game browser). The delay when you sit down at a table is also very annoying sometimes.

Apart from the above, I quite like the understated Gnuf styling (much better than Captain Cook - also on Microgaming). I also like their marketing angle - that casinos are noisy, smelly, annoying places and that it's much nicer to play from the comfort of your own home..

Edit: Oh, but the most annoying thing about Microgaming is that the "muck winning hands" and "muck losing hands" checkboxes don't work! I am so sick of timing out of a table because I folded but got timed out with the table asking me whether to show or muck! Not to mention the huge holdups to the table.


parttimebonuschaser said...

My microgaming arent recording hand histories either .. wonder if they have devloped a bug?

The blindman said...

Yeah, I assume so. I wasn't the only one last night. It's a very serious issue that they will need to resolve fast.