Thursday, August 28, 2008


Had a horrific session last night. Played two 1/2 tables on Captain Cook, and found them very tough. Several tight aggressive players, lots of aggressive postflop play, 3-bets preflop most hands. I ended up dropping $100 in an hour or two. I don't think I played that badly, and I certainly had a bad run of cards - but the crucial mistake was not getting away from tables that don't look profitable. One of my major leaks is that I try too hard to dig myself out of a hole instead of just stopping.

I must learn the lesson of bort: table selection is the number one priority..


L4Y SP said...

God Almighty ! Did i write that . Are we the same person because it looks like we have exactly the same problem . I can't leave a table like that because my ego says a) I am better than the rest and b) I can't leave with a loss . I still haven't got the knack of selection and am probably too lazy to nail the fish down to an exact location . Sigh . Tomorrow's another day . Best of luck . Adam

The blindman said...

Heh. I think it's pretty common - most poker players like to believe they can play like Allen Cunningham. But even if you can, it makes no sense to play at a tough table when there is easier money elsewhere.

It's harder at sites like Microgaming where there might only be a couple of tables at a time. At bigger sites it's a bit easier to switch.