Sunday, August 3, 2008

July: the month that wasn't there!

Since it looks as though one or two people are actually reading my blog now, I guess I should explain the absence of July!

After the big Casino final, poker slowed down a little bit. In some ways I had achieved one of my aims when I started playing in January, which was to build my bankroll to a level where I can play "serious" poker at reasonably high stakes. A tournament with $130k in prizes certainly satisfied that aim, but it also left me hungry for more. There is also plenty of work to do (on both bankroll and poker) before I can play at that level consistently.

I also had a work trip and a holiday with the family in July, which meant a whole week away from the internet. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed that.

My online play has suffered in the last month or so. The bankroll is hovering around the $800 mark, which is down on the $1000 high point achieved in May. This is in part due to some dreadful card runs, but also because I started to lose focus a bit - playing while distracted or doing something else, some poor decisions playing unfamiliar games and levels, and also by playing while not accumulating bonuses.

In the last week, I have signed up at Party Poker and qualified the Tell-A-Friend bonus (which is good value if you consider both referrer and referee). I am still working on a $60 14 day reload bonus at Party, and will then look at a couple of sites that I noticed on reading Bonus Chasing Grinder. I also want to qualify for the $17k WPT Barcelona freeroll at Pacific.
- 24poker and Littlewoods.

New goals for the rest of 2008:
  • Score a good cash in one of the Pacific freerolls
  • Build the bankroll to $3000 by the end of the year
  • Play 2/3 NL at the local casino. This is a crazy loose game that I should be able to beat for a lot, but the variance might be huge
  • Play another live tournament
  • Get the Neteller prepaid card so that I can buy dinner for my wife from poker winnings!


L4Y SP said...

thanks for the update . I do appreciate that i will have to move around eventually . inertia has set in on stars and i am in my comfort zone . i have tentatively signed up for UB thru PSO but haven't really got going there . I am also thinking of some rakeback on FT if i can ever get a bigger roll. regards . Adam

parttimebonuschaser said...

$2/3 live might be quite juicy (although the rake might be kinda nasty), but watch out for any sharks - I think there are a few discussed on the aussie poker network forums

The blindman said...

Based on the reports I've read on the BigFooty forum (, it sounds like a very fishy game. But I will go in with my eyes open. I'm also aware that it is above my normal limit so it's important to be disciplined if I take a beat and not get in too deep.