Wednesday, August 20, 2008

UltimateBet bonus at PSO

Ok, so the UB bonus has been approved (see the PokerSourceOnline link on the right for details).

There was a bit of confusion on my part over the cashout requirements, because the PSO site mentions "UB points", whereas UB calls them "Ultimate points", but also has other loyalty point systems.

Ultimate Points accumulate at 1 per contributed raked hand (raked hands where you contribute to the pot and rake reaches 0.25) until you have 50, at which point they accumulate at 2 per CRH. Hot tip: make sure you quit your tables when you reach 50 points - this will trigger your level increase and ensure that further hands accumulate points at the higher level.

Anyway, upshot is I have $125 in bonus from PSO and $10 from UB for a grand total of $135 accumulated over maybe 800 hands altogether. Accumulation will be higher if you play very short handed. The downside is that the play was fairly tough and I didn't run goot, so my overall profit was maybe only $65 or so. Bonus is highly recommended overall, if you are willing to put the scandal in the past.

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