Saturday, August 23, 2008

Oh, the joys of Omaha

Begin Hand Number 2146392440 at 03:49:51 on table Thrush
Table Type: Normal (Non-Tournament)
Game Name: Omaha High
Stakes: 0.50 / 1.00 Real Money
Active Players: 6
Total Pot: US $53.56
Rake: US $2.67
Win Amount: US $50.89

gijuri72 has the dealer button
Kevin_N posts small blind (US $0.25)
Hero posts big blind (US $0.50)
bulbulum sits down
Dealing pocket cards: Ad As Js 6c
Tik_Tak calls for US $0.50
swedishgirls calls for US $0.50
gijuri72 calls for US $0.50
Kevin_N calls for US $0.25
Hero bets US $1.25
Tik_Tak calls for US $1.25
swedishgirls calls for US $1.25
gijuri72 calls for US $1.25
Kevin_N folds
Dealing Flop Ac 8c Kd (sweet - top set, currently the nuts)
Hero checks (I actually meant to lead out for half pot here, but nearly got timed out due to multi-tabling)
Tik_Tak checks
swedishgirls checks
gijuri72 bets US $7.50 (sweeet)
Hero raises for US $15.00 (ok, this is probably a mistake. I think I need to go all-in to price out the flush draw)
Tik_Tak folds
swedishgirls folds
gijuri72 calls for US $7.50
Dealing Turn 9h (nice)
Hero went all-in for US $8.03
gijuri72 calls for US $8.03
Dealing River Jc (uh oh, I guess he hit his flush draw).
Hero shows cards Ad As Js 6c
gijuri72 shows cards Qd Th 5s Ah (make that his naked gutshot, jeez Omaha hurts sometimes)

gijuri72 shows Straight, winning US $50.89

Despite that horrific beat, I am still ahead of the game on Gnuf and more than a third of the way to cashing a $120 bonus. Even my Omaha is ahead, despite the fact I don't really know how to play the game - there are a lot of Omaha fishes around calling big bets with top pair and a gutshot!


parttimebonuschaser said...

out of interest, why are you playing a game you don't really know how to play?

The blindman said...

I'm being a little bit facetious. I'm not as comfortable with Omaha as I am with Holdem, but I still think I can beat it most of the time.

On the whole, I believe Omaha is fishier than Holdem (certainly compared to NLHE). Omaha is also better for chasing bonuses at some sites, due to the high average pot to blinds ratio.